As of December 31, 2021, the SCSC Roundtable has been terminated.

When will the SERFR Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) be moved back to the Big Sur (BSR) ground track?

The FAA is solely responsible for returning the SERFR STAR to the BSR ground track also known as the BSR Overlay. The FAA periodically updates the public and Roundtable members at Roundtable meetings, but it has not provided a schedule for when the BSR Overlay process will be complete. During its most recent briefing at the July 22, 2020 SCSC Roundtable meeting, the FAA indicated that it had completed its design of the BSR Overlay and started the environmental review process. The FAA also indicated that it would be conducting an extensive public outreach process during the preparation of its environmental documentation. The FAA’s July 22, 2020 update on its BSR Overlay process can be viewed by clicking on this link and going to video timestamp 00:14:00.

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