As of December 31, 2021, the SCSC Roundtable has been terminated.


FAA Notification – FAA Western-Pacific Community Engagement Officer

For SCSC Roundtable members and interested parties, the following FAA notification is being posted to the SCSC Roundtable website for reference. On behalf of FAA’s Marina Landis, Good day, It has been a pleasure working with you in my capacity as the Community Engagement Officer for the Western-Pacific Region of the FAA. My detail has … Continued

FAA Community Involvement Materials Available from the Northern California Airspace Public Workshop

Workshop Supplemental Materials Workshop Handout (PDF) Information Poster Boards (Workshop Topics) (PDF) — Certain flight procedures for Bay Area airports (San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose International Airports) show arrival or departure on a map of the surrounding area. FAA Initiative Update on Phase Two: July 2017 (PDF) November 2017 (PDF) April 2018 (PDF) April 2019 (PDF) July 2019 (PDF)   *** While the … Continued

Notification For the SCSC Roundtable FAA Community Involvement – Northern California Airspace Public Workshop

Please help us to continue getting the word out and encourage your communities to visit and monitor the FAA Community Involvement website for information about, and register for, the Northern California Airspace Public Workshop. The website can be accessed at: The website is currently updated with the following information, which may also be found … Continued

FAA Presentation and Information on BRIXX Arrival Procedure

Dear SCSC Roundtable Members and Interested Parties,   The FAA Presentation on BRIXX (from the 5/10/2021 San Jose Airport Commission meeting) has been posted to the SCSC Roundtable website for reference at the following location   Airport Commission website:   Regards, SCSC Roundtable consultant staff,

FAA Presentation on BRIXX Procedure – May 10

The FAA is giving a brief presentation to the San José Airport Commission on May 10 about a slight modification they are making to the BRIXX arrival procedure. The meeting is open to the public (via Zoom online) and will start at 6pm. This item will be covered in Section VI of the Airport Commission … Continued

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