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How do I file a noise complaint?

FAA Noise Portal: Because the FAA is no longer accepting noise complaints at its web address, please use the following link to the FAA’s noise portal for noise complaints, as well as for comments and concerns: (for those aircraft operations not associated with a particular airport) Click here to file a noise complaint … Continued

Are aircraft becoming noisier?

Due to federal and international noise standards, newly manufactured aircraft must meet increasingly stringent noise limits, which for large air carrier aircraft are currently Stage 5 in the United States and Chapter 14 internationally. Therefore, the aircraft fleet as a whole is becoming quieter. However, the regulations permit larger aircraft that carry more passengers to … Continued

Are aircraft getting larger?

Airlines have been “upgauging” their aircraft to carry more passengers on a single flight. Upgauging involves replacing a smaller aircraft with a larger aircraft of the small type. Twin-engine widebody aircraft (e.g., B-787 B-777, and A-350) have been increasing in airline fleets as their larger, less fuel efficient counterparts (e.g., A-380 and B-747) are replaced.

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