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AAD-- Average Annual Day

AC-- Advisory Circular

AEDT-- Aviation Environmental Design Tool

AEE-- Federal Aviation Administration Office of Environment and Energy

ADO-- Airports District Office

AIP-- Airport Improvement Program

ANCA-- Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990

ANOMS-- Airport Noise and Operations Management System

ASNA-- Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement Act of 1979

ATC-- Air Traffic Control

ATCT-- Airport Traffic Control Tower

ATO-- Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization

CATEX-- Categorical Exclusion

CFR-- Code of Federal Regulations

CNEL-- Community Noise Equivalent Level

dB-- Decibel

dBA-- A-weighted decibel

DNL-- Day-Night Average Sound Level

EA-- Environmental Assessment

EIS-- Environmental Impact Statement

FAA-- Federal Aviation Administration

FAQs-- Frequently Asked Questions

FMRA-- FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

FONSI-- Finding of No Significant Impact

FSDO-- Flight Standards Division Office

GA-- General Aviation

GIS-- Geographic Information System

GS-- Glide Slope

Hz-- Hertz

ICAO-- International Civil Aviation Organization

IFR-- Instrument Flight Rules

ILS-- Instrument Landing System

INM-- Integrated Noise Model

Leq-- Equivalent Continuous Sound Level

LOC-- Localizer

NAC-- NextGen Advisory Committee

NADP-- Noise Abatement Departure Procedure

NADP1-- Close-In Noise Abatement Departure Procedure

NADP2-- Distant Noise Abatement Departure Procedure

NAS-- National Airspace System

NASA-- National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NCP-- Noise Compatibility Program

NEM-- Noise Exposure Map

NEPA-- National Environmental Policy Act

NLR-- Noise Level Reduction

NOMS-- Noise and Operations Management System

OITC-- Outdoor-to-Indoor Transmission Class

OPD-- Optimized Profile Descent

PANS-OPS-- International Civil Aviation Organization Doc 8168, Procedures for Air
Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations

PBN-- Performance Based Navigation

PNdB-- Perceived Noise Decibels

RNAV-- Area Navigation

ROA-- Record of Approval

RWY-- Runway

SEL-- Sound Exposure Level

SLUCM-- Standard Land Use Coding Manual

STC-- Sound Transmission Class

TAC-- Technical Advisory Committee

TARGETS-- Terminal Area Route Generation and Traffic Simulation

TRACON-- Terminal Radar Approach Control

VFR-- Visual Flight Rules

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