Due to government health directives banning public gatherings to limit the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), all meetings to be held virtually until further notice. Please check this webpage for announcements related future Roundtable meetings.

Roundtable Membership

2021 Membership as appointed by their respective jurisdictions.

Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Roundtable Membership.


Member:  Hon. Liang Chao

Alternate: Hon. Hung Wei

Los Altos

Member:  Hon. Anita Enander, Vice Chair


Los Altos Hills

Member: Hon. Stan Mok

Alternate: Hon. Lisa Schmidt

Mountain View

Member: Hon. Alison Hicks

Alternate: Hon. Lisa Matichak

Palo Alto

Member: Hon. Greer Stone

Alternate: Hon. Lydia Kou

Santa Clara

Member: Hon. Kathy Watanabe

Alternate: Hon. Raj Chahal


Member: Hon. Mary-Lynne Bernald, Chair

Alternate: Hon. Tina Walia


Member: Hon. Glenn Hendricks

Alternate: Hon. Omar Din

Santa Clara County

Member:  Steve Preminger (staff)

Alternate: Hon. Mike Wasserman


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