As of December 31, 2021, the SCSC Roundtable has been terminated.


Steve Alverson_ESA_thumbSteve Alverson | Facilitator, Technical Support

With over 38 years of aviation noise analyses and control experience, Steve Alverson is one of the nation’s leading experts in aircraft noise.  Steve serves as the Facilitator/Projects Manager for the Santa Clara/Santa Cruz Airport/Community Roundtable contract.  He assisted the Roundtable with the establishment of it’s Work Program and Strategic Plan, provides technical expertise, and facilitates the Roundtable meetings. Steve’s expertise is focused on leading effective community involvement programs that bridge the gap between detailed technical analyses and the effects residents experience on the ground.

Evan Wasserman_ESA_thumbEvan Wasserman | Back-up Facilitator, Project Manager

As project manager and lead staff to the Roundtable (Back-Up Facilitator), Evan manages the project work, coordinates drafting of the Roundtable meeting agendas and meeting recaps, and also manages informational materials for posting to the Roundtable website. In addition, Evan communicates directly with local elected officials, community leaders, federal agencies, and congressional representatives to facilitate discussion and to allow for effective dialogue on aircraft noise issues.


Chris Jones, AICP | Back-up Facilitator, Project Director, Technical Support

As technical support Project Director to Steve and Evan (Back-Up Facilitator), Chris Jones will bring his unique level of understanding of aircraft noise and airspace issues in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, having worked on the NorCal Metroplex EA. With more than two decades of project management experience, Chris has a depth of experience in evaluating the environmental effects of airspace procedure changes including several Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Metroplex projects across the United States.

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